The tech that helps you stay you

Sylo is a decentralised platform focused on secure communication and social FinTech. Through decentralisation, we’re not just challenging the status quo – we’re turning it on its head.

Communication you own

Finally, the peace of mind to speak and act freely online. Our decentralised information and communication platform means nobody owns you. You choose who you want to connect with. You decide how much of yourself you want to share.

Digital Wallet

Securely store, send and manage your digital assets and identity.

Address Book

Privately manage your contacts without a third-party.


Confidential voice, video calling and messaging.

Connected Applications

Instant access to other privacy-focused applications.

Hi I’m waiting outside you want to let me in? 😂
Coming!! 😆

Type like no one’s watching...

Because no one is. Communicate with the freedom you have when you are talking face to face, safe in the knowledge that your communications will remain confidential.

Own your identity

Reclaim control of your digital identity. You choose what personal information you share with who and on what terms. Sylo's default setting is complete privacy. Everything else is up to you.