Give money superpowers
The end-to-end Smart Money solution for governments, businesses and consumers
Smart Money is money with rules
Smart Money lets you define who, where, when, and how money can be spent (and everything in between). Perfect for government stimulus, event money, your business, sports franchises, and global brands.
Increase spending power during down times or encourage online orders.
You choose who, you control where, you define spending limits and expiry times.
Restrict transactions or adjust pricing by age with Smart Money handling ID verification.
The Smart Money toolkit
Sylo provides the tools required to build, integrate and control your Smart Money in the wild. Plug and play wallet SDK’s, customise Smart Money user experiences, set redemption with real-world merchants or e-commerce platforms, and much more.
Smart Money Builder
Create the custom rules for ownership, transacting and accepting for your business.
Smart Wallet
Instantly have your Smart Money available to over 250,000 users.
Real World Integration
Accept your Smart money in store with your existing Eftpos POS terminal.
Control Center
Create, control and monitor your Smart Money rules, stats and sales in real time.
Wallet SDK
Integrate a wallet into your App or Website so your users can hold your Smart Money.
Sylo Experiences
Build custom experiences for people that own your Smart Money.
Start using Smart Money today
Are you a government or business wanting to explore Smart Money?
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The consumer wallet and private messenger created by the same team that brought you Smart Money. Already used by over 250,000 people.
The Technology
Simple to Deploy
Use our plug and play tools and SDK to mint customised Smart Money, brand its look and feel, and integrate into your app, website, or POS system.
Safe and secure
Smart Money can only be transacted using cryptographic keys. There is no ability for any party to manipulate the system. If a user holds the keys, the user owns the Smart Money.
Global reach
Smart Money is deployed on an open global network making it instantly transactable across borders, and not dependant on any single party.
Start using Smart Money today
Are you a government or business wanting to explore Smart Money?
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