Smart Money case studies

Smart Money enables
Government spending
Create Smart Money that can only be spent within certain industries, on certain goods, or for specific initiatives. Make money expire to accelerate the effectiveness of targetted spending and ensure that only verified citizens can use it. Perfect for stimulus packages post Covid 19, welfare, healthcare and tourism.
Eliminate fraud
Require identification verification (KYC), citizen status and age for distribution and fraud elimination.
Strict time frame
Expiry deadlines incentivize prompt use to reach term goals and deadlines for evaluation.
Targeted spending
Your Smart Money can specify what it can be spent on, limit purchases to specific economic sectors and specify participating merchants.
Redemption only on spend
Your Smart Money can specify what it can be spent on, limit purchases to specific economic sectors and specify participating merchants.
Smart Money boosts
Global brands
Create Smart Money that represents your brand and can be used across your franchise network, supply chain, or consumer platform. Increase revenues by manipulating the value of your Smart Money to smooth demand between your busy and quiet periods. Offer exclusivity and recognition to your best customers.
Smart Money fuels
Sports franchises
Allow your fans to support your team by using your teams currency at your stadium, on your merchandise and with your sponsors. Provide Team dollars with a membership, distribute them during televised broadcasts, and even use them as part of innovative co-marketing campaigns where your team earns commission on dollars spent by your fans.
Percentage goes to team
A Sport Team’s Smart Money can specify that a percentage of every transaction goes back to them.
Team earns on reserve
Unallocated reserve can generate income until it’s redeemed with participating merchants.
Sponsors Benefit
The team can give back to sponsors by driving business to those that accept Smart Money.
Smart Money
Event money
Your next event can be cash free with Smart Money. Merchants can manage demand with dynamic pricing, purchasing permissions can be tied to verified IDs and age limits, spending expiry dates incentivise use of funds.
Control demand
You can set your Smart Money spend value dynamically or manage it manually. Increase demand during down time, increase pricing during peak hours.
Age verification built in
Your Smart Money can require verified age or other rules in order for consumers to unlock abilities such as spend or receive.
Set dates for spending
Expiry deadlines incentivize increased spending during event. Expired funds can be handled with your rules for your benefit.
Smart money grows
Your business
Create Smart Money for your business with your rules for issuance and spending. Explore features such as requiring verified ID or age restrictions, trigger compliance rules or commision automatically. Dynamically adjust value to control demand when you need it.
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