The Sylo Token

The Sylo token ($SYLO) is an ERC20-compatible utility token used as fuel across the Sylo Network and within the Sylo Smart Wallet.
By staking $SYLO, anyone can create a Service Peer and offer micro-services to applications running on the network.

Users of applications stake $SYLO so that they can pay Service Peers. The more users utilising the Sylo Network, the greater the volume of Sylos staked and spent across the network.

The Sylo token is also the native token within the Sylo Smart Wallet, and will be used in future for value added services and functionality.

Token Allocation

The Sylo Token has a total supply of 10,000,000,000 tokens.

25% Sylo Protocol


This allocation is set aside for further development of the Sylo Network, the Sylo Smart Wallet, DApps and other platform initiatives.

12.5% Token Generating Event


These tokens were allocated to token buyers during the Sylo Project’s 2018 TGE. These tokens are currently locked, becoming available to buyers in January 2021.

22.5% DN 3010


These tokens were allocated to DN 3010 Ltd, the original creator of the Sylo Protocol and the Sylo Applications. These tokens are locked until October 2020.

10% Team/Dev Allocation


Allocation to ensure core Sylo contributors are incentivised to further the project for years to come. 50% will be allocated in October 2020 then 25% in each of October 2021, and 2022.

20% Token Generating Event


These tokens were allocated to token buyers during the Sylo Project’s 2018 TGE. These tokens are unlocked and make up the Sylo tokens total circulating supply.

10% Platform Incentivisation


Tokens allocated to incentivising adoption of the network. These tokens are to be released over time for platform growth initiatives to benefit the network and community.

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