Not your average messenger

Sylo is a breath of fresh air in a world of intrusive advertising, data gathering and privacy mis-management. Other social platforms create value by breaching their users' privacy in order to reward the few. Our decentralised platform is privacy-first and powered by many to give you choice.

Decentralised Messaging

Sylo Messaging is a decentralised service that provides private communication, but without the need for everyone to place their trust in one company.

It’s how online communication should be - provided by many parties so that there isn’t some tech-giant sitting in the background trying to make money out of our interactions.

Decentralised Storage

Sylo Storage is a decentralised network that allows users and applications to store content safely, without any reliance on a single company. Your data is kept private and cannot be used by third parties without your consent.

Sylo Storage is currently provided by different companies in our ecosystem, The network will soon be opened to other storage providers, allowing anyone to contribute to the network in exchange for Sylo tokens.

The SYLO Token

A Sylo token (SYLO) is a digital asset that you can purchase and use to fuel the Sylo App. You can think of them like credits you can spend in-app on things like:

  • Paying for features
  • Sending value to contacts
  • Storing data in Sylo Storage