Our Public Sale is now Closed

The public sale of our TGE has now ended. We want to thank everyone who participated, and we are extremely excited about what we’ll be bringing to life in 2019!

For a full update, check out our blog post here.

The Sylo Token

Sylo Tokens (SYLOs) are utility tokens used by DApps and businesses to access and fuel the Sylo Protocol for confidential communications and storage. It is also the native currency within the Sylo Application, used by Sylo users to exchange value, use the Sylo Protocol and to interact with functionality provided by third-party DApps and businesses.


The SYLO Token

A Sylo token (SYLO) is a digital asset that you can purchase and use to fuel the Sylo App. You can think of them like credits you can spend in-app on things like:

  • Paying for features
  • Sending value to contacts
  • Storing data in Sylo Storage