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Pre-sale closed.
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The Sylo Token

Sylo Tokens (SYLOs) are utility tokens used by DApps and businesses to access and fuel the Sylo Protocol for confidential communications and storage. It is also the native currency within the Sylo Application, used by Sylo users to exchange value, use the Sylo Protocol and to interact with functionality provided by third-party DApps and businesses.

  • Total token supply: 10,000,000,000
  • Token Generating Event: 32.5% of total token supply
  • The Issuer of Sylo Tokens: Sylo Protocol Pte. Ltd.



MARCH 2017

Sylo Confidential Communication App Release

  • P2P Confidential Communication
  • 20,000+ professional users


Blockchain integration decision finalised. Sylo to become blockchain-enabled.

MARCH 2018

Sylo Presale Sold Out

QUARTER 3 - 2018

Crypto Enabled Beta Release

  • Fully Decentralised Sylo App Release
  • Crypto Wallet + Payments Release
  • Sticker Marketplace Release

QUARTER 4 - 2018

Sylo Gold Release

  • MainNet Release
  • Use Real SYLOs in the Sylo App

QUARTER 1 - 2019

Sylo DApp Marketplace Release

QUARTER 3 - 2019

Public release of the Sylo Replication Node

QUARTER 3 - 2020

Replication Node Incentivisation Complete

  • Decentralisation Complete


Using tokens

Sylo Tokens (SYLOs) are utility tokens used to access and fuel the Sylo Protocol. Users of the Sylo application use SYLOs to interact with others and to access functionality provided by other DApps

  • Connected application access
  • Used as a means of payment
  • Purchase confidentiality enhancing decentralised services
  • To pay DApp referral fees
  • Buy and sell content in Sylo storage

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