The Sylo Token
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Sylo Token
The Sylo Token is at the core of the Sylo Ecosystem - the privacy respecting distributed network run by, and for, its community.
The world needs a distributed network system in order to disseminate power. An incorruptible, autonomous, uncensorable, privacy-respecting network with the intrinsic goal of serving the needs of its community. Popular mainstream networks currently available offer ‘free’ services but make billions from selling their users’ data. These centralised establishments are forever digging for new ways to exploit trust, shill advertising and profit from their users’ information.
Realistically, running network hardware infrastructure costs human time, hardware resources and electricity. To remunerate these essential costs, we have the Sylo Token. The Sylo Token’s unique 'layer two' (off-blockchain) probabilistic micro-payment system makes this possible.
The Sylo Token’s utility does not stop at infrastructure. The native currency within the Sylo Ecosystem, the Sylo Token is used for payments between users, Smart Wallet upgrades, add-ons, in dApp payments, and purchases in the real world.
Where to get Sylo Tokens
These are the exchanges we are currently listed on.

More listings coming soon.

View the Sylo Token contract on Ethereum

We are in discussions with other exchanges and will have further listings to announce shortly, keep an eye on our social media for emerging announcements.
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Sylo Token
Sylo Tokens are decentralised on-blockchain assets that can be sent between anyone and anything.
Sylo Tickets
Sylo Tickets are a ‘layer two’ (off-blockchain) micro-payment protocol that anyone can utilise, which allows for pay-as-you-use micro-services.
Probabilistic micro-payments
Scalable decentralised payments
Utility as contribution reward
Sylo Node infrastructure payments
Easy Staking and Gift Staking
Utilisation for access and anti-spam
Native integration
In-dApp spending for services
More details on features
Direct Payments
Fast, cheap, unstoppable p2p payments
Third party Dapp micro-payments
Video, Adverts, Internet relay, VPNs
Sylo Ecosystem Payments
Smart Wallet staking, upgrades, add-ons
More on use cases
Allocation details
The Sylo Protocol
This paper presents a decentralised,
peer-to-peer communication protocol upon which powerful decentralised applications can be built.
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Network Incentivisation
This paper presents a secure, scalable, incentivised peer-to-peer network which fairly rewards producers for the services they offer.
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