How it works
The basics
The Sylo Token, like Ethereum and Bitcoin, is a form of decentralised digital currency software which individuals can directly send to each other over the internet, without the need for any ‘middle man’, like a bank.
There are thousands of “miners” (accountant programs) that anyone can run to keep track of who has what balance and prove if transactions are valid. Transaction consensus is verified and locked in time with a blockchain.
There are two layers; the Sylo Token and Sylo Tickets.
Sylo Tokens are decentralised on-blockchain assets that can be sent between anyone and anything.
  • Sylo Token transactions are unstoppable, uncensorable, irreversible, and require only your permission to send.
  • Sylo Token transactions are location independent. The Sylo Token is ‘internet-native’ money; you can send the Sylo Token from anywhere to anywhere, without restriction.
  • Your Sylo Tokens are owned and controlled by you and only you, backed by cryptography. Normal money in a bank today is simply a promise that your bank owes you, backed by trust and the hope it will be there when you wish to withdraw it.
  • The pricing of Sylo transactions is low and consistent, being based upon the complexity of the transaction, rather than charging a fixed percentage of the amount you are sending.
Where to get Sylo Tokens
These are the exchanges we are currently listed on:

We are in discussions with other exchanges and will have further listings.
Keep an eye on our social media for emerging announcements.

View the Sylo Token contract on Ethereum

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Sylo Tickets are a 'layer two' (off-blockchain) micro-payment protocol anyone can utilise which allow for pay-as-you-use micro-services.
  • Each Sylo Ticket has a verifiable chance of winning a prize of staked Sylo Tokens.
  • While any Sylo Ticket is accepted as payment, only winning tickets are redeemed on-chain for Sylo Tokens. This is how very low transaction volumes are possible which enable our high volume of payment throughout.
  • Sylo Tokens empower pay as you watch streaming, pay as you download file hosting, pay for throughput data relaying, pay as you use VPNs, machine to machine payments and more.
How Sylo Tickets work
First, a cryptographic handshake is performed between the payer and payee. Following a successful handshake, any number of payment tickets can then be exchanged. Each payment ticket has a probability to win a payment. While tickets are never guaranteed to win, as more tickets are exchanged, the expected payout approaches the value of a winning ticket, multiplied by the probability of winning. This is all handled automatically in the Sylo Smart Wallet app.
The probabilistic payment system allows a service to process payments from many users at the same time, with each user expected to broadcast many payments per second. The actual number of transactions that occur on-chain is to be minimised as much as possible.
The Sylo Token has a total supply of 10,000,000,000 tokens.
Circulating Supply is 3,279,619,492.

25% Sylo Protocol
This allocation is set aside for further development of the Sylo Network, the Sylo Smart Wallet, DApps and other platform initiatives.
12.5% Token Generating Event
These tokens were allocated to token buyers during the Sylo Project’s 2018 TGE. These tokens are currently locked, becoming available to buyers in January 2021.
22.5% DN 3010
These tokens were allocated to DN 3010 Ltd, the original creator of the Sylo Protocol and the Sylo Applications. These tokens are locked until October 2020.
10% Team/Dev Allocation
Allocation to ensure core Sylo contributors are incentivised to further the project for years to come. 50% will be allocated in October 2020 then 25% in each of October 2021, and 2022.
20% Token Generating Event
These tokens were allocated to token buyers during the Sylo Project’s 2018 TGE. These tokens are unlocked and make up the Sylo tokens total circulating supply.
10% Platform Incentivisation
Tokens allocated to incentivising adoption of the network. These tokens are to be released over time for platform growth initiatives to benefit the network and community.
The Sylo Protocol
This paper presents a decentralised,
peer-to-peer communication protocol upon which powerful decentralised applications can be built.
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Network Incentivisation
This paper presents a secure, scalable, incentivised peer-to-peer network which fairly rewards producers for the services they offer.
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