SYLO Smart Wallet

Digital wallet meets private messenger

Store, send and share your crypto

The easiest way to manage your crypto. The best way to share it with your contacts. Decentralised by design and non-custodial. Welcome to what Web3.0 is meant to be.

Type like no-one is watching

Because no one is. Communicate with the freedom you have when talking face to face; safe in the knowledge that your communications will remain confidential.

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Participate in a global decentralized network

Sylo Nodes are the foundation of a global, decentralised network. Sylo Nodes help Sylo users connect, chat, call, and use dApps in a truly private, fully decentralised way. Sylo Nodes are simple to run, so anyone can be part of the network.

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Support for over 100 cryptocurrencies

Our point of difference

Sylo is a breath of fresh air in a trustless world of data gathering
and privacy mis-management.


You own your data, assets and communications; you hold the keys.

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No user accounts, no emails, no phone numbers; no ‘big brother’.

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Securely send and receive funds in chat, as easily as sending a message.

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Send and receive crypto in chat. It's as easy as sending a message.