Sylo Browser

Own your data, control your payments, and experience Web3 with Sylo Smart Wallet. Use decentralised apps that run on the Ethereum blockchain.

This feature is in beta and we want your feedback!
Please use at your own risk and report any bugs or contact us with suggestions.

Sadly this is an Android only feature for now.
Apple guidelines forbid us and all other crypto wallets from releasing it.

What you can do

Collect CryptoKitties

Collect, breed, buy and sell adorable CryptoKitties! Each creature is a unique, collectable asset owned by you, stored in your Smart Wallet.

Visit CryptoKitties >

Play crypto games

CryptoDozer is a cute time based push coin game, where you use in-game items like walls, fever time and the powerful bull dozer to collect coins and dolls.

Start dozing >

Win crypto in Battleships

Join a global game of battleships where you can win your enemy’s pool of Ether! Built by one of our developers Scott Twiname in his spare time.

Play Cryptoships >

Trade with Uniswap

Fully decentralized Ethereum asset trading with no KYC! Trade between ETH and tokens and back again instantly and for very low fees.

Start swapping >

Earn interest on crypto

Invest, earn interest and borrow crypto assets. is the go to dApp for lending, trading and borrowing assets.

Earn with Compound >

Simplify wallet addresses

Setup human-readable .eth names for your wallet address with the official Ethereum Name Service dapp, all using the power of the decentralized blockchain.

Set up an ENS domain >

Grow real trees

Set up your own grove with rTrees. Deposit DAI and they will plant trees with the interest generated. It costs you nothing to help save the planet.

Plant real trees now >

Save to win

Join a no-loss, audited savings game powered by blockchain technology. Buy tickets - one wins all the interest, but everyone gets their money back.

Start pooling >

Trade digital art

Browse, purchase or sell unique, authentic, truly ownable digital art by creators around the world. Open art assets, collectable and trade-able anywhere.

Enter the gallery >

Buy and sell collectables

Browse the largest marketplace for crypto collectables. Trade and collect cards, domains, game worlds, art, cryptokitties, and game items.

Trade on Opensea >

And many, many more!

Try any Ethereum dApp, just enter the URl into the Sylo browser.

Try the Sylo Browser now!