Sylo Experiences

Sylo Experiences allow users to extend the functionality of their Sylo Smart Wallet by safely connecting with a growing marketplace of additional features, functionality, goods, services, and entertainment, all which can be procured with digital assets.

SWAG Store

The SWAG Store is an example of an ecommerce website that uses a Shopify API for order management. This store allows users to pay for items in your shop using crypto.


Centrapay integrates with payment terminals, points of sale, shopping carts, and unattended systems to enable every day use of digital assets, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. With the Centrapay Sylo Experience, Sylo users can spend their crypto in the real world.

Crypto Tracker

The Crypto Tracker Experience allows users to track the crypto market from within the Sylo Smart Wallet. Whether the user is a trader or a crypto newbie the crypto tracker is a simple overview of what is going on in the crypto space.

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