The mission to unlock data

Technology has undoubtedly brought humans together, but it is becoming ever clearer that the world is struggling with the downsides of it too.
Walled gardens and data-centric business models of the internet today don’t allow us the same freedoms that we enjoy offline.

The platform holders see everything, own everything, control everything. We can’t truly be ourselves, even with those we trust the most, and we cannot fairly benefit from our contributions to the networks we use everyday.

But it can be different.

A platform for
unstoppable services

On the Sylo Network, developers deploy functionality that organically attracts the resources required to keep running.
Once a service or protocol is deployed, the network will self-organise to provide that service as long as there is demand for it.

The price for each service is determined by its own market: the more people that use it, the more payments flow to Service Peers to provide that service.

Who Sylo is for?

Use cases

The Sylo Network is used to run privacy-preserving applications, enabled by Service Peers who are powered by peer-to-peer micro-payments. Choose a protocol to enable your idea or build your own.

Use case


Decentralised, privacy-preserving communication applications utilising the Authentication, Inboxing and Relay microservices provided by Service Peers. This functionality is in use within the Sylo Smart Wallet.

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Use case


Competitive with centralised cloud storage providers but private, with market-driven pricing to ensure the service is delivered at cost, with no middlemen.

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Use case


Sylo enables micro-payments for a range of future use-cases. Help us develop further micro-payment protocols to drive a fairer, more open internet.

Video Streaming

PPC Advertising

Relays and VPS

Use case

Build your own

Develop your own decentralised communication, storage or micro-payment application for you or your business.